New Port Richey Computer Repair
We Can Repair Or Install Your PC No Matter Where You Bought It!


We can repair any computer; PC, or Mac,
laptop, or desktop regardless of make or model. 

We fix hundreds of computers every month including…

  • Dell, Vostro, Inspiron, Latitude, XPS & Alienware,
  • Netbooks, & Laptops,
  • Hp, Pavilion,
  • Compaq, Presario,
  • Apple, Macbook Pro, & iMac,
  • IBM, Thinkpad,
  • Lenovo,
  • Sony, Vaio,
  • Toshiba, Satellite, & Qosmio,
  • Panasonic, Toughbook,
  • Gateway, Emachines. and Acer


Apple - Mac - Windows Computer Repairs
Laptop Motherboard Repair & More
Our New Port Richey computer repair store have highly skilled Certified technicians to fix any array of repairs including laptop motherboard repair, screen repairs, keyboard repairs and a whole lot more. Here are just a few of the services we perform:

  • Apple Computer Repair
  • Tablet Virus Removal,
  • Cell Phone Virus Removal,
  • Windows 10 Upgrade,
  • Screen Repair,
  • Motherboard Repair,
  • Virus Removal,
  • Inverters,
  • CD and DVD Drives,
  • CPUs,
  • Fans,
  • Plastics,
  • Ribbon Cables, 
  • Data Back Up,
  • Data Recovery,
  • Windows 7 Install
  • Keyboard Repair,
  • DC Jack Repair,

And More 
If the other stores said. "It Can't Be Fixed" bring it to us because we Can Fix Anything, If You Want It Fixed, We Will Fix It For You!

For your Apple laptop Windows Computer repair, screen repair, virus removal and more, visit our New Port Richey Computer Repair location.  We’ll have you up and running in no time.

Whether you’re a business with many computers or an individual with just one, let A D U Computers to provide you with exceptional service and repairs.

Types of Viruses:

Boot Sector Virus -  Root Kits infects the area of your boot device that is accessed when your computer is powered-on.

File Infector Virus - resides in memory (RAM) and infects programs, e.g., .exe, .com, etc.

Master Boot Record (MBR) Virus - Similar to Boot Sector, infects the Master Boot Record and prevents your computer from booting/entering the operating system.

Multi-Partite Virus - Infects both the boot record and programs.

Macro Virus - Common in corporate environments (Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, etc.), uses program code to infect data.

Trojan Virus - These viruses do not replicate and pose as harmless file from web or email, may result in damage or theft of data, peer-to-peer file sharing is a common source of infection.

Worms - Can replicate without using a host file, spreads fast by releasing documents it has infected.

What's Bugging You? Got a Virus? 


Hundreds of Thousands of new viruses are created every week. Almost half of what we do everyday as computer repair technicians involves viruses and spyware infections. How can you get virus removal services and protect your computer from this scourge? It's simple--just call and have one of our technicians to thoroughly clean your computer system of infections, install the best antivirus software available, and show you how to avoid trouble with malware in the future.

We've seen it all, and fixed 10s of thounsands of viruses. A technician without the requisite skills and experience could spend hours chasing down a virus--and they often do. Our experienced computer repair and support technician has 20 years in-the-field. In a relatively short period of time we can determine that the virus can be eradicated or that we need to take more drastic measures like data recovery and re-installing the operating system.

Feel free to call us if you have questions about viruses.
Data Recovery

New Port Richey Computer Repair

Does your Computer need  Hardware service? Is your  DC Jack broken? Blow a fuse on your Macbook Pro? Spilled Liquid on your laptop? We can fix these and any other problems that you have.? Florida Service Center is perfectly positioned to help meet the growing needs of our customers. 

We have all of the latest tools and training to fix any and all hardware level problems. We fix all problems 
inhouse at our New Port Richey, office we never have to send out your computer to some service center that all the big box super stores use. We are Florida Service Center LLC after all. You can trust us with our years of experience. We have seen every type of hardware fail.

We Also Do Hardware
Level Data Recovery

Have you lost all of you data? Does your hard drive click? Not show up in my computer? Does it say you must format the drive before you can use it?

We can fix most bad had drives we do not use any windows or apple or Linux software to try to recover 
your data, the hardware tools that  we use speak directly with the hard drive with out any type of operating system.

These tools go way beyond what the local computer repair shops or IT guys use.

We can fix about 80% of drives that we receive without the need of a clean room. But if they Do we have an in house Level 5 ISO Clean Room to recover that Data as well.

No Data No Charge Starting at $199

Service Areas:

Computer Repair Services for all of New Port Richey and past down town Main Street, and all of Fl-54, west of the Express way ,all of Port Richey and past Ridge Road , Elfers, Trinity, Holiday, and Tarpon Springs Hudson, Bayonet Point and Spring Hill